Going dotty

Ink dots – stippling if you want to use the correct term – are one of my favourite ways of playing with ink, a soothing change of pace from scribbling in a mad frenzy.

stippled ink dot portrait

Ink on A3 watercolour paper

Exploding heads – silly fun

Recently my partner and I joined Chalkle, a wonderful group of local people who love to do stuff, and love to teach other people the stuff they most love to do.   Since joining, I’ve tried laser cutting, bow making, Spanish cooking, and cheese making and taught an introduction to improvised comedy class. Next week, I’m learning to play the ukulele.     Then there was the afternoon at a workshop on special effects.  Using makeup (more makedown really) a rubber brain and much fake blood, our team of five created a 30second movie that involved an exploding head.    I was camera person and ‘tattoo artist’ for our drug addled heroine.   Silly good fun – with a serious anti drug message, of course.    Ahem.


The Dealer

Dodgy mullet man