Poster post

Work is play, at least when I’m doing a posters for a comedy show.

Play is work too of course.  Working to a design that starts as a very definite idea inside someone else’s head can be an interesting challenge.  Descriptions are slippery.  Provided images are never quite right.  Then there are the elements that must be included whatever the aesthetics, such as show times and sponsors logos.

This time,  tweaky bits included a slightly cut-off arm that had to be drawn in, and logos for beer that needed to be faded off one of the jumpers.   For the second poster, getting the requested ‘splash’ shape looking right was oddly tricky, and the situation was not helped when the puppy ate the digital tablet pen halfway through the project.

For all that, nothing beats the “ooo, I did that” thrill of walking past my work posted up postersize.


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