Infrared at the beach

Ah, New Year’s day, how better to spend it than at the Wellington Improv Troupe picnic, dining on fancy fish … More

Genoa harbour

Genoa at dusk

We are enjoying a ridiculous one month whirlwind tour of Italy, savoring the mid-winter no-tourist vibe.  Weather-wise it mostly like … More

Ahh, Venice

As corny and as scenic and nearly as crowded as I had feared and hoped and feared.  I can’t imagine … More

Baboons, despite being the most evil of all apes, are quite photogenic, with eerily human-like eyes and looks-like-a-smile-but-it’s-not mouths.  Dithering … More

Bee yoga

This little bee’s grooming routine on my hotel balcony was like some kind of impressively athletic workout. 35mm macro lens, … More