AI, death and people with bees

Most of the art-ing I do is with old fashioned pen and paper, or attempting to capture some kind of image via my camera’s sensor. But, the lure of just describing what I see in my minds eye is strong. Working in the not very intelligent (yet) artificial intelligence space results are often mundane but sometimes wildly unexpected.

I try to be ethical, and avoid using living artists as “in the style of” – my favourite prompts are Ernst Haeckle and Victorian Science Illustration. This week, I attached that to personifications of death, and bees. The AI (this time using Stable Diffusion, via Night Cafe) doesn’t really understand how bees or insects actually work, so images of them almost look right, until you look closely, when suddenly there are all sorts of weird body parts. It’s like those interestingly artistic images of exotic animals known only from descriptions or vague sketches, but never actually experienced.

So far I’ve managed amusing and very odd and occasionally mildly horrific images (eyes and hands are super hard apparently) but there’s Something there, something I might let influence my drawing.

I’m enjoying evolving an idea, using masks to just change part of an image, and re-running suggestions with just one change (man vs woman for egs).

ai generated image of a wonky bee
(Nearly a bee)

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