About moi

Spent twenty years or so as a mid level weasel  in the corporate salt mines, then ran away to art school, now play and frolic all the days long.  Or something much like.

Oh, and if I’ve been a it slack updating this blog lately, well you can find more of my idle arting (especially infrared photography) on my shiny Instagram, as inotherlight

Self portrait, sort of


  1. Hi I am doing a project on Roman Hairstyles and the pictures of the Roman art is perfect for part of my assignment. I was wondering if you knew the names of any of those pieces or even if you could tell me where you took them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. your photos are amazing 😀

    1. Thanks Brittany, and you are most welcome to use my photos for your assignment. The photos were taken when I was on holiday in Rome, in several of the (oh so very lovely) public museums – especially The Centrale Montemartini and the Palazzo Massimo.

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