The Counahans, Mount Street

Mount Street Cemetery

Grave of Bridget (d 1891) and Cornelius (d 1904) Counahan, Mount Street Cemetery in Wellington.   I’m fascinated that for even obscure graves you can find information online that hints at long ago lives.  Cornelius was a baker, who in 1887 was in court, disputing with a former employer who’d failed to pay wages or repay a loan, charged with larceny because he’d seized some kitchen equipment.  The case was dismissed!    Bridget and Cornelius had a daughter Catherine in 1888, so that little girl would have been just a toddler when her mother died, and 16 when she became an orphan.  And then looking for more information . . . another hour vanishes.

Mount Street was the first Catholic cemetery in Wellington, it runs down a steep hillside by the main Victoria University campus in a very scenic cascade of old tombstones.

Photographed with an infrared modifed camera and IRchrome filter, lens was a lensbaby trio28 set to twist.

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