Emotion – fear

More faces using Adobe Illustrator and the digital tablet.  I’m now feeling sufficiently confident managing groups of objects and layers to play around a bit with colours.  I also took advantage of some downtime during an improv training class this week, and asked for some friends to pose for emotional snapshots, so I have plenty of source material.

While I was playing with this I was also listening to a BBC programme,  part of an excellent series on lying.  They discussed the history of emotional ‘coding, and spotting faked emotional expressions, which is just what I’ve been reading about over the last week or so.    I may use the info in Gary Faigin’s Facial Expression book*  to add in more of the involuntary muscle twists that my posing friends just can’t fake.

* That’s The Artist’s Complete Guide to Facial Expression, by Gary Fagin, the version I have is the 2nd ed, published by Watson-Guptill 2008.  Highly recommended!

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