Tomato and fly revisited

With a shiny new computer one of the minor chores this week has been rebuilding my collection of filters and handy-dandy favourite tools.   I love Photoshop, but  another graphics programme I’ve used for more than 10 years is IrfanView , a deceptively simple image manipulator, useful to quickly resize  or rename a folder’s worth of pictures, do quick touchups and cropping on individual pictures, and any number of other essential tasks.    It’s entirely free – but worthy of a Paypal donation.

Irfan even lets you run 8bf filters.   I’ve been rediscovering some old-favourite pattern-makers, the sort of things I use to make background textures and patterns to incorporate into more elaborate Photohshop projects.   The free Mehdi plugins include some lovely effects – today’s images are the result of running some very ordinary pictures (of my first tomatoes of the season, and a fly that happened to land near them) through the Kaleidoscope filter.  It’s fun to play on the border between recognisable-but-strange and completely-abstract.

Tomato kaleidoscope 1
Tomato 1
Tomato pattern
Tomato 2
Fly pattern
Tomatoes and a fly
Yawny starting points

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