Warning: Gorilla on stage!

Gorilla with flyers Gorilla using a computer Gorilla and old man

Tonight was the first night of  All-Star Gorilla, at the Fringe Bar, 7pm Sundays 5, 12 and 19 of May, part of the current Comedy Festival.   Not only do I get to make up comedy on-the-spot with a bunch of lovely co-conspirators, I also had the fun of creating the mask for our new gorilla, Dru.

I wasn’t the person-in-the-suit tonight, but have worn it a couple of times to promote the show.  Being a gorilla completely changes the way it feels to hand out flyers to the public – people smile and take the things from you nearly every time, rather than that explicit ignoring thing which street promotion usually engenders.   It is of course very hard to ignore a shaggy beast, especially if she’s being cute and friendly.

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