Getting in close

DSC00617Ordinary things are amazing when you look closely – like this everyday Daddy Longlegs spider, crawling across a red-painted wall in my bedroom this morning.   Her/his kind (Pholcus phalangioides)  leave vaguely annoying strands of web in the high corners of the ceiling that gather dust, and as a species are generally more at risk of being vacuumed than appreciated.  But hey, those ridiculous legs have amazing joints that can rotate to pretty much any angle, used to tangle others spiders in silk from a safe distance, especially the somewhat bitey Whitetails.

This pic was shot with a basic lens, made more macro-capable with a budget extension tube ($25 from ebay).   One day I’d like to get the kind of fancy camera gear that would let me way closer, but an extension tube seems a good way to experiment with macro for now.

Technically, f3.5 1/160 sec, ISO 200, focal length of lens 30mm + a 16mm extension tube.  Also, camera flash. 

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