Ol’ Man Fly

Portrait of a flyThe task for my photography course this week was a studio-style portrait of a fly.  So, substituting a piece of paper and the patio table for an actual studio, here’s my version of “a fly with character”.

Currently I have a Sony A6000, a mirroless camera, which means any old film camera lenses (as well as most manual digital lenses) just need an adapter to work.    It is always a slight gamble buying via auction sites, and something never recommended by people who work for camera stores, but most of the time you get a pretty good deal – at least I haven’t yet encountered any of the dreaded fungus-raddled lenses that camera neophytes are warned about yet.  Annnyway,  I am rather enjoying this new second-hand Nikon macro lens, a Micro-Nikkor 105mm.  It should work nicely for human scale portraits too.

Technical details f8, 1/250 sec, ISO 150, focal length 105mm (157.5mm in 35mm film terms), with 26mm of extension tubes.

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