Reaching that part of mind where time doesn’t run to usual rules

This morning was well spent, looking and drawing and looking and trying and failing and nearly succeeding just a bit to pin a hint of what I could see to paper.  I’ve joined a social drawing group that meets one morning a week to practice portraits.  Gary, our model for the last two weeks is about eighty years old, and it’s been interesting and challenging draw all the wrinkles and softened shapes of a happy face where gravity has had its way.  Drawing with no great goal in mind is more relaxing than anything else I can think of, plus it’s always nice to be part of a friendly group of people pursing art on their own terms, gently supporting and encouraging each other.



  1. The social aspect sounds nice. But, drawing an elder model? I guess it might not be so bad if the group took turns drawing each other. But, someone strictly picked to model…and I sure hope he wasn’t naked. I do not like nude models…except when it’s a romantic partner you draw privately (and keep the work private). 🙂

    No great goal in mind versus?…a job that requires “blockbuster” art successes regularly?

    1. People are gorgeous and fascinating at every age. This chap was comfortably dressed (since it was a portrait group), though I’ve very happily drawn unclad older models before in life drawing classes. There’s nothing romantic or erotic about the life drawing kind of naked, it’s quite a tough job physically, and good models earn their pay!

      1. I would not say every human being is gorgeous….far from it. But, everyone is someone and a potential source of anatomy study.

        I think I was suggesting lovers model for each other and keep such nude artworks to themselves. The pay off is the love the two artists share. Not a paycheck for having no respect for one’s own privacy. Just the thought of modeling nude for strangers makes me feel like a rat on a lab tray with pins in me.

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