Creatures, all the creatures

sketchbook creatures

Today was day one of a two day workshop on creature creation, part of ‘The Lonely Artist Event Series’, run by people from Weta Workshop. They gave us participants note books, and pencils, a pile of reference materials, and talked about their own creative processes while we worked.

It was so satisfying drawing and mashing together strange beings, with no particular goal beyond “play”, surrounded by other people doing the same.

My personal favourite is the top left being: a multi limbed deep sea annelid worm combined with a centaur. I did realise it’s been a long long while since I last tried to draw a horse . . . my ten-year old self would be disappointed by how I’ve let old skills slip away.

Day two we’ll be trying to bring one or two creatures into the round with plasticine, although likely none from these pages could make it as a solid object.

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