Alien, beige

Mask for ‘Return to the Planet’, as happened during the 2014 Comedy Festival.





Some weekend bodycasting

I was asked to do two torsos, with the end result in simple plaster, so the subjects can add their own twist of paint effects or whatever they choose.  I used alginate for the negative, which picked up every lovely goosebump, and then a plaster bandage mothercase.   After a happy messy morning  the results will now sit quitely in the shed for a few weeks for the plaster to properly harden before being cleaned up.  Makes me want to get back to working in wax and bronze again  . . . maybe next year, when/if I have a better workspace than my current studio (aka, my tiny kitchen).

Rww, said the cat

Next alien creature mask for Return to the Planet : experimenting with a race genetically derived from big cats – in this case, a jaguar.   The mask base is instamorph, draped over a clay sculpt, with the teeth moulded separately.  The whiskers are re-purposed old ukulele strings.  The painting (in acrylic) is still rough, just to work out the idea.

Jaguar half mask

Ukulele making

ukulele makingMy Xmas present to myself was a one-week ukulele making class at a local community college.   I can now confirm that my expectation that this would be crazy fun was correct.   There were only seven of us on the course (average age mid forties, average gender 87% bloke).  The teacher was fantastic, and I spent a week playing with a mix of power tools and hand tools, carving, filing, drilling, sawing and all the rest.   By the end I had created a unique musical instrument that I can play, as well as I can play any ukulele.

My admiration for the hard working people who made the instruments I already own has increased exponentially.

And if you’re in Wellington, I recommend you sign up for the next one Dave is running, in July.

Here are some in-progress photos:

It’s called a Cylicorn for a perfectly sensible reason people!

That sensible reason being that Cyclops+Unicorn=Cylicorn.  The alternative result of using an Earth based myth-referencing concatenation system of nomenclature is Uniclops.  And, somehow that doesn’t have quite the right ring.

Cylicorns are just one of many species that could inhabit The Planet in May.

painted mask