Some weekend bodycasting

I was asked to do two torsos, with the end result in simple plaster, so the subjects can add their own twist of paint effects or whatever they choose.  I used alginate for the negative, which picked up every lovely goosebump, and then a plaster bandage mothercase.   After a happy messy morning  the results will now sit quitely in the shed for a few weeks for the plaster to properly harden before being cleaned up.  Makes me want to get back to working in wax and bronze again  . . . maybe next year, when/if I have a better workspace than my current studio (aka, my tiny kitchen).

Proper magic

My wax makings turned into little copper and silver things via the magic of centrifugal casting. “Make the metal dance” was a specific instruction from the tutor as I applied a large flame to the scraps of old electrical wire which became the copper beads.  Now there’s the less magic cleaning and polishing to do.

skull bead

Skull bead, just cast and rinsed

skull and rose beads and mask

Silver and copper beads and mask, ready for cleaning up

Remains of my day

face casts

Today several friends from the Wellington Improvisation Troupe  came round to have their faces cast in plaster, using expired dental alginate (so pink and minty) to make the moulds.  It was hard, fun messy work!   Now I have the task of cleaning up of the faces to do, and then in a few weeks there’ll be a mask making workshop.  Yee-hah!