A preliminary sketch going DoE

So, today, starting the process for a painting, with some charcoal studies.  This one resisted my attempts at likeness to the original model, and went a bit 1950’s Duke of Edinburghyish.

Sometimes, you’ve just got to go where the picture wants to go.

Preliminary sketch



Making masks

I’ve been making some masks over the last few weeks – using a low temperature melt thermoplastic (Instamorph, a similar product – but more expensive – product is sold under the brand Polymorph, both very similar to the stuff used in medical splints).  This made into sheets, heated and draped over a clay form.  Intended for active wear and performance, these have been painted with acrylic paint and varnished.  I am trying out ways to ‘do’ eyes, as I want examples of different styles for a workshop happening soon.