Sending friends on a mad rampage

BOW Improv showThe requirement was to quickly come up with  a poster image for a WIT show in next year’s Fringe Festival.   Battle of WITS is a fun improv team-on-team sort of show, with zero budget.  So, “look scary” I told two friends, in five spare minutes before a class.   And they cheerfully hammed it up.  A moderate amount of exploding backgrounds and death laser eyes later that evening . . . pure Photoshop corniness.

Secrets ready for exposure

Another poster off to the printer today.  This intriguing improv show uses audience input as starting points for some well twisted tales.

It’s part of the 2013 Fringe Festival happening in February-March; so if you’re in Wellington, come to opening night, or, ok, one of the other nights.

secrets improv poster