Thrills & Swoon

romance novel posterDesigning posters and flyers and sandwich boards for Thrills & Swoon was a fun assignment.  Billed as ‘Improvised Romance’, this May 2013 Comedy Festival show makes affectionate use of pulp novels for inspiration.

My own secret thrill for the next few weeks will be seeing the posters on derelict buildings, alleyway walls and other such poster-posting places around the town, along with small stacks of flyers competing for attention with other flyers on coffee shop counter tops.   In the category of “details no one will ever consciously notice”, the background here includes a swimming unicorn, a hand drawn rainbow and a sunset from a trip down the Nile I took a few years back.  The central couple were part of an Eclipse Photographic shoot five or six years ago, for a completely different WIT show – but some looks never go out of style.   The satin in the foreground is a Photoshop tinted picture of my old red petticoat.  Sometimes commercial stock pictures just don’t have the elements you need.

Photographic expeditions to the end of the deck …

Some summer afternoons you idle away in pleasantly pottering in the garden doing minor tasks and routine chores: washing dogs, planting out seedlings, chasing butterflies with a camera, and when that fails, playing paparazzi with flies.

I say “you”, but maybe probably, it’s just me.

Tomorrow, I’ll try for the beach.  But today . . .

fly on a leaf

Fly on the edge

two flies with orange eyes

Flies with orange eyes