Digital Painting – Gill

More digital painting on the Surface Pro, working from a live model over 2 hours or so, and using Autodesk Sketch.

finished 2hr sketch


Most of the work (and what really decides if a portrait works or not) is the first 10 minutes, drawing as quick and as fast as I can to get the features in place, before I get distracted by details.  And if I’d been working for longer, I might have tried to capture the model’s amazing multi-coloured dreads


Worrying about the year ahead . . .

Am I really disciplined enough to post a piece of m’art here where anyone can see, once a day, every day for a year?  It seems unlikely, but hey, here’s a quick sketch for today.

Fearful me

A4, black and white charcoal on brown paper.

Octopus tattoo play

I recently spent a day in a tattoo design class.  The sketches on the left are some initial playing with ideas, the one on the right was roughly drawn on an actual arm*, to get the proper non-flat shape. That outline was then copied onto plastic and then traced back on paper for some refining.

ocotopus tattoo

A3 pencil

* It was the tutor’s arm.  It’s a dedicated tutor who takes their shirt off to allow students to draw on him in felt pen!