Sunday zoo amble

With the infrared camera (a modified Sony A6000), and using a 590nm filter, so this is at the near-visible end of the light spectrum.  Some are processed to black and white, others left with the ‘natural’ false colours.  Learning of the day: fur is very variable!

Tigers and raindrops

During the summer my local zoo occasionally stays open late.  This week was the last time for the season, but a gentle ramble with friends was cut short by an amazing (if brief) rain storm.   All animals ran for cover, and so did most humans.  At the same time the sun was setting behind me, half covered by clouds, and the light was pleasingly strange.

203-4 Ali-Little

Still, at least one tiger posed nicely before the rain arrived – she is in heat, I was told, and certainly seemed verrry interested in the adjacent male tiger enclosure.   He in turn watched her every head toss and tail flick with a clearly fake nonchalance.