Quick, make some masks

Hah, a friend asked to borrow some half masks for a workshop he was planning – and I realised I don’t have many half masks, not human ones anyway. Cue me digging out long unused supplies and playing with silly faces in a way I haven’t in several years.

I was amused to discover I’m way faster than I used to be, indeed making four different masks didn’t take that much longer than making one use to.

My goal was to quickly generate some extra characters that could be played as any gender. I may repaint and finish more with embellishments late (eg, furry eyebrows and eyelashes). Or these can just sit patiently in their suitcase until the next workshop.

masks being made

Process: Instamporph pellets rolled in to sheets and draped over a clay positive, painted with acrylics and using doll eyes. I love the look of the eyes you peer through the pupils of (made out of ping pong balls), but vision is so obscured in those that the ‘netted gaps around the eyes’ style is a safer option, especially for possibly new-to-masks students in a workshop.

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