Quink Dip – More cross hatching

ink crosshatched drawing of legs vanishing into inkwell

I’ve been metaphorically and illustratively diving into ink this week, playing with ways to energise background textures.

I liked this one enough to give it a title, “Quick Dip”. Then, slapping my forehead theatrically, I realised, NO, it had to include “Quink Dip”, much punnier. Er, after Quink, the brand of ink my father used to use in his fancy fountain pen before ballpoint pens were a thing. Possibly even the exact bottle I had in mind when I drew this.

So, Quick Quink Dip. Quink Quick Dip. Something like that, only snappy.

One downside of drawing in ink is that corrections you make tend to stay visible, and so I failed to give that illusion of being effortlessly witty again, dang it.

But, I’ve now ordered some actual Quink from PenClassics.nz, just for fun.

A4, and a 0.1 fibre tip pen. Nostalgically messy fountain ink pen drawing likely soon.

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