MC Course Grad Show, February 2020, The Fringe Bar

For January/February I signed up to a most excellent six week course in MC skills, run by the most excellent George Fowler (aka Hugo Grrrl).  It ended with a graduation show in front of friends and family which was basically an hour and a half of introductions to mostly imaginary shows, and no actual content.  A perfectly wonderfully silly night helped by an audience prepared to be warmed up over and over again.

Some photos from the side, because that’s where I was standing while waiting for my turn on stage.



The Wishing Tree opening night

Improvisors are the loveliest people to photograph – they tend to have desperate twisty faces, which get pushed to extremes, as they try to convey as much information about a character or a story in the least possible amount of time.    Stage lighting, shifting as quickly as the performers’ expressions, makes for some interesting photographic challenges.  So much to learn . . .

Facebook gallery here, and buy tickets to the show or find out more about WIT if you’re in Wellington, NZ 🙂

The Wishing Tree

Opening night