Stobe snap

I was taking sensible photos of friends performing improv onstage last night, when the lighting tech decided to use a strobe to indicate transition between scenes – I managed to whirl the speed settings to catch this one.   Technically, ISO 800, F2, 1/2 second.

Space Jump

Space Jump!

The Wishing Tree opening night

Improvisors are the loveliest people to photograph – they tend to have desperate twisty faces, which get pushed to extremes, as they try to convey as much information about a character or a story in the least possible amount of time.    Stage lighting, shifting as quickly as the performers’ expressions, makes for some interesting photographic challenges.  So much to learn . . .

Facebook gallery here, and buy tickets to the show or find out more about WIT if you’re in Wellington, NZ 🙂

The Wishing Tree

Opening night