Katydid? No, she didn’t . . .

backlit katydid

The perfect model for my experimental use of back lighting flash just happened to land on the back doormat.  And I am discovering that using an off-camera flash is very much like learning how to  properly use my camera on full manual was a year or so back – plenty of  “gahhh, too hard” moments.  But I assume, it’ll be great once I learn.  Eventually using it will become automatic, just like setting m’own iso and aperture is now, and the new gear and changing those settings won’t get in the way of actually making images.  I expect.

Shot using a Nikon 105mm macro lens at f5.6, iso400 1/200 using a YN560-iii speedlite at settings I didn’t note.  Probably should have.

Note to self:  One day I should leave my house and take pictures in more exotic locations, although not until my current wintery ailments are less oppressive.  Cough, hack.   Winter, garrhhhh . . .

backlit katydid

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